Experience the Thrill of Rally Driving


BOTH SUPERCAR AND RALLY Driving ExperienceS at Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire

Situated just five miles outside of York, Elvington Airfield is home to a driving experience for supercars and rally cars. The supercars drive around the tarmac racetrack, while the rally cars follow the circuit on a slippery track made from concrete and gravel and marked out on the side of the airfield.

This venue is the best venue to learn all the skills connected to Rallying, drivers can concentrate on mastering the techniques and various skills required to complete the stage safely.


The junior rally driving experiences Race and rally experiences provide at the elvington venue are suitable for young people from the age of 10 yrs upwards.

The main factor is weather the drivers fit in the seat and harnesses safely.

The junior cars we have available are all fitted with duel controls allowing the instructor to easily assist the young driver setting off then we have designed the stage to drive in one gear leaving the pupil with just the steering and throttle to think about while drifting around the stage.

Each session is 15 minuets long including technical analisis.

Please contact us if you have any questions regards the junior rally driving experience. THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA FOR CHRISTMAS, BIRTHDAY AND FATHERS DAY. 


Ideal as a Christmas or Father's Day Gift, our Rally Driving experience days near York, North Yorkshire.

The Elvington venue offers what we feel is the best training area for drivers to learn the various skills required to become a successful rally driver..

The stage is made from broken concrete covered in gravel which provides a surface that most will never have experienced driving on but our instructors will soon teach you how to control the car which is slipping and sliding around the whole stage. 

Each session is 15 minutes long including technical analysis.

Anyone who needs to travel to this venue can stay over in the many local hotels etc and there are plenty more attractions in and around York should you wish to make a holiday of the event.


The adult 4 wheel drive experience race and rally offer at elvington is in our opinion the best training ground for new and up and coming rally drivers.

The slippy surface made from concrete/gravel provides a fantastic area were the drivers can learn to control a car on a surface that most have never experienced.

The stage allows the instructors to pinpoint all the techniques required to drive these fantastic 4 wheel drive vehicles that have revolutionised rallying.

Each session is 15 minuets long including technical analysis.

This experience gives the ultimate driving experience and provides a great gift idea weather its for Christmas, birthday or fathers/mothers day.

Contact us now for more information about the track days at Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire.